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Photo #1502 – 12.26.12


Always one to be crafty, Aunt Heather helped Jada and Madison decorate flowerpots and plant some pretty flowers for Mother’s Day this past spring.  The two enjoyed a fun sleepover at our home and had fun painting, glitterizing, and getting dirty, not to mention also picking out the flowers they wanted from the store.  In the end, Madison went with pink flowers in a golden hued pot, while Jada went with purple flowers in a blue/purple camouflage pot…aren’t they wonderful!?

If you are ever looking for a fun little activity to keep a couple of girls busy, let them make their own flowerpots!

Photo #1471 – 11.24.12

Spring Purple

Well, we have experienced a few warmer days here in northern New Jersey this week, but the cold nights still remind us that we have a long, cold winter to get through before spring.  So even though it is going to be a little while, here are a few purple flowers to keep you thinking about the warmth and growth of spring.

Photo #1401 – 09.15.12

Lake Aeroflex in Spring

On a nice spring day a couple years ago, I enjoyed a nice hike along the shore of Lake Aeroflex in Kittatinny Valley State Park.  This lake, the deepest natural lake in New Jersey at 110 feet deep, was quite picturesque and had a cool trail that followed the shoreline.  This photo was taken in May when the leaves on the trees were a brilliant spring green, but I’ll have to get back out to this location in the coming weeks to capture some of the great fall foliage that is sure to arrive soon!

Photo #1357 – 08.02.12

Green Moss, Green Ferns, Greenish Rocks…

Just another shot of a bit of our backyard in spring, with lots of green growth all around.  I am definitely a pretty big fan of our backyard!

Photo #1270 – 05.07.12

Rapid Catch-Up #15 – Lawn in Need of Reseeding…

Photo #1267 – 05.04.12

Rapid Catch-Up #12 – Spring Growth in the Backyard

Photo #1266 – 05.03.12

Rapid Catch-Up #11 – Green Rock Wall