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Photo #1578

Winter is On the Horizon

I’m back!  The last photo was posted back in February…but semi-regular photos haven’t really been posted for a much longer time period.  I don’t want to get your hopes up (or my own), but I’d really like to get back into a routine of sharing photos…so we’ll see how this goes!

Here’s a bit of background to get us up to speed — since starting this site 6 years ago (11.15.2008 was my first entry), a lot has certainly changed in my life.  Starting in 2012, I had a bit of difficulty posting a new photo every single day with both a new home and a pregnant wife, and there were multiple stretches of more than a couple weeks where I wasn’t able to post any photos.  By the time 2013 rolled along and our son Nolan was born, I completely fell off the bandwagon!  Time I might have spent picking a photo to post and write about was spent changing diapers or sleeping…  By January 2014, I hadn’t posted anything in 9 months and I attempted to get back into regular monthly or weekly postings, but even that just didn’t happen.  So now it is November 2014, and I’m giving it another go-around…the upshot of having not posted much of anything over the past 2 years is I definitely have plenty of great photos to share!

So to follow up yesterday’s Thanksgiving photo, here is a sunset shot I took this month with Nolan in our backyard.  We were doing some posed family shots in the last light of the day, and after sitting still, Nolan enjoyed being able to roam around.  We’re mostly set for winter, and we hope you are too!

Photo #1553 – 02.15.13

Orange October Mums

It’s still winter, and that means autumn is still a long ways off…but I love vibrant fall-colored flowers in fall.  These orange mums sat in the front yard in our old cow pail this past October, and they fit in pretty well with all the fallen leaves.

Photo #1551 – 02.13.13

February Backyard Sunset

February Backyard Sunset

Gotta love a bright February sunset through the trees after a nice bit of accumulated snow!

Photo #1547 – 02.09.13

Seven Inches of Snow

Seven Inches of Snow

Well, we did get a little bit of snow here in northwestern New Jersey with this latest storm, but certainly nowhere near the 1-3 feet that accumulated in places further east.  We ended up with about 7 inches outside our home (although my measuring stick did go up to 30″ just in case…).  The bulk of the snow came after 11pm at night.  I had fun putting together a simple time-lapse that shows the snow amount at each hour from 9am Friday to 11pm (with one final shot at 8am Saturday morning…I did not get up in the middle of the night to click the shutter!).  Hopefully the animated image below works for you…and maybe next time it will be more dramatic as the snow accumulates above the 30″ mark!


Photo #1509 – 01.02.13

Summer Sunshine in the Yard

Ahh, the warmth of the summer sun and the green of leaves and grass (and moss) in our front yard…these are but distant memories at the moment as we stare at our snow-covered yard and bundle up as temperatures drop below freezing.  But hey, it’s winter, and there are lots of great things to enjoy about winter!  If you’re not a fan of winter, though, here’s a more appealing photo than the snowy landscape we currently see outside.

Photo #1503 – 12.27.12

Leggs on Christmas Day

Leggs likes the snow…kinda.  He doesn’t go crazy in it and roll all over the place, but he also isn’t afraid of the white fluff.  So we enjoyed tromping around the yard on Christmas morning through the light covering of snow.  And as always, Leggs had no problem sitting and staring off into the distance for a photo-op…he probably thought he saw a squirrel or bird off in the woods…

Photo #1489 – 12.12.12

Lil’ Grass Seedlings

Lil' Grass Seedlings

Last spring, I had fun reseeding the lawn at our new house…in the end, the results were a bit mixed, but at least we were able to establish at least a little grass in a few bare areas.  In the beginning, though, everything looked so promising, especially when you took a close look at the ground.  I think I laid down on the ground for this photo so that I could capture some of the new shoots of grass emerging from the tiny seeds.

We’ll see how the lawn looks in a few months…

Photo #1488 – 12.11.12

Purple Hydrangea

The hydrangeas in our backyard were one of the things we were most excited about seeing for the first time this past spring.  We purchased our home in the winter, and so it was a joy to see all the things popping up everywhere in the warmer weather, but Heather is especially fond of hydrangeas and was pleased to see the couple of plants in the garden.  The purple and pink flowers that blossomed were nice and bright, and we look forward to seeing them again next year!

Photo #1403 – 09.17.12

Sunlight on the Front Yard

I must say, I really love going outside some mornings to find bright sunshine lighting up our front yard.  It’s a great way to start the day!  The way it filters through the tall canopy of surrounding trees creates some neat contrasts of light and dark.  On this particular morning a few weeks ago, I had gone out for a nice morning run, and when I got back to the house, I kept running inside to grab my camera to capture a bit of the bright sunlight.

Speaking of running, I don’t know how many times I have been out for morning runs recently where I really wished I had my camera to capture some beautiful morning moments (lots of wildlife, foggy lake sunrises, etc.)…but for now, marathon training takes precedence over photography!

Photo #1286 – 05.23.12

Rapid Catch-Up #31 – Starting the Veggie Garden

Photo #1285 – 05.22.12

Rapid Catch-Up #30 – Our Lawn is Growing!

Photo #1282 – 05.19.12

Rapid Catch-Up #27 – Lawn at Start of Reseeding

Photo #1280 – 05.17.12

Rapid Catch-Up #25 – Flower Boxes on the Patio

Photo #1273 – 05.10.12

Rapid Catch-Up #18 – Our Wooded Lawn

Photo #1272 – 05.09.12

Rapid Catch-Up #17 – Hydrangea, Iris, Hosta, and Lily of the Valley

Photo #1270 – 05.07.12

Rapid Catch-Up #15 – Lawn in Need of Reseeding…

Photo #1269 – 05.06.12

Rapid Catch-Up #14 – Rock Wall Ferns

Photo #1268 – 05.05.12

Rapid Catch-Up #13 – On the Rocks

Photo #1267 – 05.04.12

Rapid Catch-Up #12 – Spring Growth in the Backyard

Photo #1266 – 05.03.12

Rapid Catch-Up #11 – Green Rock Wall

Photo #1265 – 05.02.12

Rapid Catch-Up #10 – Signs of Spring in the Backyard

Photo #1261 – 04.28.12

Rapid Catch-Up #6 – Backyard Fog