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Photo #989 – 07.31.11

Spotted Trumpets

These hairy, spotted, trumpet-like flowers are from a flowering plant called Common Foxglove.  Foxglove is a biennial that produces some lovely and vibrant flowers, most often with purple coloring, and so they are popular in many garden landscapes.  Interestingly, the plant and flowers are pretty poisonous and full of deadly toxins…so try not to let any curious/hungry pets or kids near these if you have them!


Photo #988 – 07.30.11

Smilin’ Jada

Why is my lil’ niece, Jada, smiling in this photo?  Maybe it was the delicious dinner she was chowing down on, or a stupid/funny face I was making behind the camera, or because she just likes to smile and laugh and be happy…I’d probably go for the third choice, although the yummy food probably played a part as well.

Photo #987 – 07.29.11

Wineberries Up Close

Wineberries are delicious!  A species of raspberry, wineberries are native to China and Japan and are actually an invasive species here in the U.S.  Just recently, these plump, juicy berries have been popping out like crazy, and Heather and I picked a bowl of them to enjoy (we also noticed others in our neighborhood doing the same thing).

So if you see these wineberries around, eat a bunch to help suppress the spread of these invasives even further!

Photo #986 – 07.28.11

Leggs High-Five

Leggs is a good dog, and depending on his anxiety level, he is pretty good at listening to and following directions.  On this particular autumn day, Leggs and I took a little stroll through Stokes State Forest before heading to the big grassy area at Kittle Field to take some pictures.  I set up my tripod and was able to get Leggs to sit and stay at just the right spot, although he was looking at me like he didn’t understand why he couldn’t come by me behind the camera.  So then when I set the timer and crouched down next to him, he of course starting putting his paw up for a high-five.

I of course gave him a high-five back…and a little biscuit or two…

Photo #985 – 07.27.11

Ham and Beans

Who doesn’t love ham and beans?!?  Well, I can think of a few people, but that doesn’t take away from the deliciousness of this tasty dish.  While visiting Dollywood in Tennessee, we came across “Granny Ogle’s Ham and Beans” that served…you guessed it…ham and beans, along with other traditional southern fare including BBQ beef, coleslaw, pot roast, cornbread, and fruit cobbler (with homemade ice cream, of course).  Unfortunately, all of the other food in Dollywood was so good, we didn’t have a chance to eat at Granny’s, but it sure smelled great as we walked by!

Photo #984 – 07.26.11

Amy’s Chickens

Aren’t these barred rock hens cute?  They’re just a few of the chickens Amy has that, among other things, provide her with more eggs than she can think to use!  They’re fun to play with, although they always think you’ve got some sort of food to give them.

Check out Amy’s blog, Our Happy Coop, for more about her chickens and all kinds of other great stuff from baking to babies!

Photo #983 – 07.25.11

Merry Christmas…in July!!

While the halfway-point to Christmas was a month ago, “Christmas in June” just doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Christmas in July” (must be that extra syllable).  So today, think of snowballs, ornaments, toy trains, Christmas carols, and whatever else might remind you of the 25th of December.

Merry Christmas in July!