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Photo #716 – 10.31.10

Happy Halloween from Pedro and his Piñata!!

This year, Heather came up with a great Halloween costume for us that we showcased this weekend at a cousin’s Halloween Party/Surprise 50th Birthday Party (Happy 50th, Brian!).  It involved many hours of us both gluing strips of crepe paper on some pants and a shirt, but in the end, ‘Pedro and his Piñata’ came out great!  Pedro (and anyone else at the party) got to hit me with a bat, and of course, I had plenty of candy to toss around.  We had a lot of fun and got lots of complements on the costumes…and for a costume made of strips of paper, it held up pretty well!

Hope you have a fun Halloween!!


Photo #715 – 10.30.10

Solar Light Lawn?!?

Have you ever had a desire to fill up your yard with hundreds and hundreds of multi-color solar lights for no reason at all??  If you haven’t, have no fear, because the owner of this house in Chadwick Beach, NJ certainly fulfilled that desire.  I came up with roughly 200 solar lights lit up (and at least as many not lit up) in the photo above, and this is just the front yard…the back yard has even more!

Wouldn’t you like to have a neighbor like this?!

Photo #714 – 10.29.10

Madison Leading a Sunrise Mountain Hike

Earlier this month, Heather and I joined Kristin, Madison and Jada for a picnic and hike up to the Sunrise Mountain pavilion for some beautiful early-autumn views on a great blue-sky afternoon.  Madison was our fearless leader along the trail (although it looks like she allowed Heather to get ahead of her in this photo!), taking us along the Appalachian Trail to the top of the mountain and back.  Even Jada was enjoying the vistas and good weather!

Photo #713 – 10.28.10

Mom’s Head on a Leaf Pile

Whenever I post a photo (well, every day…), I try to use a title that I likely won’t use for any other photo I might post.  I can say with a high amount of certainty that this is the only photo that will be titled, “Mom’s Head on a Leaf Pile”.

She sure did a good job of burying the rest of her body, because it really does look like her head was gently placed on the top of the big pile…maybe she was trying to scare the 2 or 3 trick-or-treaters that actually come to the house on Halloween!

Photo #712 – 10.27.10

Ken: Wanted in 2 Territories…

This is Ken.  He sometimes goes by the name ‘Buckwheat’.  As you can see in this photo, his weapon of choice is an ax.  If you see Ken, be sure to approach with extreme caution.  Better yet, run home as fast as you can and hide under the bed for a while.

Photo #711 – 10.26.10

Singleshot Mountain

Located just north of Saint Mary Lake and right inside the eastern entrance to Glacier National Park, Singleshot Mountain looks quite spectacular.  It rises to an elevation just under 8000 feet and is at the edge of the Rockies in Montana…so it really looks impressive compared to the flat lands off to the right in this photo.  The differing layers of sedimentary rock running along the ridge are quite cool.

Interestingly, the mountain got its name from a hunting expedition in which George Grinnell, an influential proponent for Glacier National Park around the turn of the 20th century, killed a bighorn ram on the mountain with a single shot from 300 yards away.

Photo #710 – 10.25.10

Family in the Corn…

Family in the Corn Gone Crazy

What happens when you walk around in circles in a big corn maze for an hour?  Well, you start to go a little crazy…just check out my family in the photo above!

We were certainly enjoying some fun fall activities this past weekend.  I hope you’re getting a chance to indulge in some autumn fun as well!