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Photo #1353 – 07.29.12

Pile O’ CDs

Remember these things?  In a time of MP3 players, streaming internet radio, YouTube videos and more, the proportion of people regularly listening to CDs has definitely decreased.  I have a few in my car that I listen to every once in a while but am otherwise all digital.

How often do you listen to music CDs??


Photo #1297 – 06.03.12

Crawfish Fest – High & Mighty Brass Band

It’s Crawfish Fest this weekend at the nearby Sussex County Fairgrounds, and Heather and I are looking forward to another year of helping the Frankford Fire Department serve healthy amounts of adult beverages.  Crawfish Fest is a combination of great music, delicious New Orleans food, and a really fun and good-spirited atmosphere…if you’re not doing anything today, come check it out (www.crawfishfest.com).

This photo was taken last year as one of the bands, High & Mighty Brass Band, was walking through the fairgrounds on the way to their show.  They developed a nice train of followers and played a great set of music right behind the area where we were working.  They’re not on the billing for this year, but there are a lot of excellent bands on the schedule!

Photo #1114 – 12.03.11

Drum Major Ken

Why is Ken’s face all painted up, and why is he playing an E-flat on his trumpet?  Because this photo (from our senior yearbook) was taken on a typical Saturday in the fall while Ken was leading our marching band as drum major.  He was pretty good, and we always had a fun time playing at the Wildcats’ football games.

Today is Ken’s birthday!  Hope you have a great day!  And just for fun, here is Ken’s quote from our yearbook (pretty deep stuff):

“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.”  ~W. Shakespeare

Photo #1060 – 10.10.11

Listening to a Rainbow

While most rainbows don’t necessarily make a sound…the ones in the sky are usually just light interacting with droplets of water…these vibrantly-colored cds certainly do make some pleasing sounds.  This photo was taken when there was some strong light coming in through the window, which produced very saturated colors in the cds (the vertical lines fanning out from the center of each cd are actually the vertical blinds from the window).

When I see a rainbow, I hear the sound of gold coins clanking in a big ol’ pot…although I’m pretty sure this is only in my head…

Photo #994 – 08.05.11

Heather Meets The Man in Black

Johnny Cash had one of those distinctive voices that makes it easy recall some of his great songs.  He happened to be at a museum in New York City, so Heather took the opportunity to pull up a stool next to him and get her picture with him.  He didn’t really smile…or move at all…and he looked a bit shiny, but otherwise, he seemed like a nice guy.

Photo #927 – 05.30.11

Memorial Day Parade, 1999

12 years ago today, I marched along the streets of Branchville, NJ in a Memorial Day Parade as a member of the High Point Marching Band.  I was a sophomore at the time, and yes, I’m the short one with the trumpet on the left.  I’m not quite sure, but I believe this was the year that the temperatures were quite hot, and with our heavy outfits, a few members of the band passed out in the nearby park…I myself was pretty lightheaded at one point.

Here’s to Memorial Day, however you might observe this day of remembrance.

Photo #908 – 05.11.11

250 Rainbow Discs

One day this past winter, I was de-cluttering my desk and ended up with about 250 CDs to get rid of (guess I did a lot of CD-burning in college…).  Before throwing them out, I thought to myself, “I should toss these CDs on the ground in a haphazard way and take some photos of the different interference colors reflecting from the sunlight!”…so I tossed the 250 discs on the ground and had fun with my camera.  The above photo captures most of the 250 CDs, including a bunch of different kinds of CDs showing very colorful interference patterns.

Who knew old CDs could be so much fun!?!  Click here to read more about the educational topic of light interference!