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Photo #1563 – 02.25.13

Margherita Greta

Margherita Greta

Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, a crispy crust…this margherita-style pizza was quite delicious to say the least.  My niece Greta enjoyed a slice this past weekend and certainly thought it was yummy.  We’re happy our local pizza place always makes great pies!

Photo #1485 – 12.08.12

Greta the Deep Sea Diver

Greta the Deep Sea Diver

I’m pretty sure Greta is not going to grow up wanting to be a deep sea diver…

Photo #1477 – 11.30.12

Pow Pow Power Wheels


Check out Greta on her awesome Dora power wheels!  It did not take too long for her to figure out that pressing the little button on the handle makes it go, although she had a tough time actually keeping her finger on the button…so instead of cruising around the yard, it was more of a stuttered crawl since she wouldn’t keep the button down, but rather kept pressing it as she bobbed back and forth (it’s hard to explain just how funny it looked!).  But I’m sure she’ll master this all-terrain vehicle in no time.

Photo #1465 – 11.18.12

Greta & Brian’s Baptism

Last Sunday, we celebrated with Amy, Brian and Greta following the baptism of both lil’ Greta and Brian.  Both Brian and Greta did very well, although Greta was a bit unsure about the baptismal water being splashed onto her by the pastor.  And of course she was cute and looked beautiful throughout the celebration.

Congratulations to Brian and Greta!

Photo #1399 – 09.13.12

Wow!  Happy 50th to My Mother-in-Law, Jodie!

Believe it or not, Jodie is celebrating her 50th birthday today!  This photo was taken this past Mother’s Day as she held her granddaughter Greta, who was busy at the time working on her Popeye smile with someone off to the side.  Who would have guessed that one of these two was born in 1962?!?

So Happy 50th to the greatest mother-in-law!  Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Photo #1375 – 08.20.12

Greta Says Hi

She isn’t quite talking yet, so while my niece Greta didn’t exactly say Hi, she might have been signaling the greeting by her facial expressions and playing with her hair and headband…or not.  But either way, lil’ Greta was definitely being cute for the camera a couple months ago, and that’s all that matters!

Photo #1356 – 08.01.12

Greta Turns One!

It seems like only yesterday that we met little Greta Jo in the hospital, opening her eyes to catch her first glimpses of Aunt Heather and Uncle Jer {photo #991}.  But believe it or not, Greta is an official one-year-old today!  She has grown in so many ways over the past year and is such a joy to be around.  We were lucky enough to spend a week with Greta at the shore, and she really enjoyed it!  The above photo was taken on the beach as she was chillin’ out on her blanket, experimenting a little with sand and a shovel (I think this was before she started eating a bit of the sand…).  She looks pretty calm and serious, but she can quickly start giggling and laughing (and showing off her new teeth, like in the photo below).

So Happy Birthday to Greta!  I’m sure Amy and Brian wonder where the past year went but are looking forward to all the upcoming developments as Greta becomes a toddler.

Photo #1338 – 07.14.12

Greta and Grandma Jodie

In just a few short weeks, our niece Greta will be a 1-year-old!  She’s been getting bigger each time we’ve seen her and more and more expressive with her faces, sounds, and hand/arm/leg movements.  Luckily, it’s been a little while since ‘Uncle Jer’ has made her cry!  She was definitely happy when this photo was taken a couple weeks ago as she was sittin’ by Grandma Jodie.  It may have been soon after this photo was taken that she found a cookie with icing and started sucking on it…gotta love sugar!

Photo #1293 – 05.30.12

Loaded Wagon

Greta loves her cool Radio Flyer…and I guess Brian likes it too!  Of course, I’m pretty sure Amy prefers to pull just Greta around the yard…

Photo #1204 – 03.02.12

Silliness with Greta

My niece, Greta, is getting bigger every time we see her (which, I guess, is typically what babies do…).  At a recent get-together with family at our home, Amy was being a fun mom by singing silly songs while Greta danced…or rather, while Amy moved Greta around as if she were dancing.  She flashed some smiles and let out a few squeals of laughter, so she definitely enjoys a bit of silliness!

Photo #1174 – 02.01.12

Greta is 6 Months Old!

Check out those cheeks!  Lil’ Greta sure has changed a lot over the last 6 months (click here is a newborn photo {photo #991}), but she is quite adorable and doing great.  We enjoy every chance we get to be with her, and I’m sure these 6 months have just flown by for Amy and Brian.

So Happy 6 Months, Greta!

Photo #1061 – 10.11.11

Greta Loves Apples

Why are we walking up and down this hilly land picking red and green balls from trees?  Why is my daddy holding me in this tree?  Why do I have to wear this cute apple hat?  Why is it so hot out?  Why am I crying?

These may have been a few of the questions on Greta’s mind this past weekend when we joined Amy, Brian and Greta on an apple-picking expedition.  It was an unseasonably-hot autumn day, which was likely the root of Greta’s discomfort (as well as our own discomfort), but we were able to grab a bunch of tasty apples that we are still trying to use up…anyone have any suggestions?!?

Photo #1051 – 10.01.11

Greta at 2 Months Old

It’s only been 2 short months since Greta was born {photo #991}, and she’s been getting bigger everyday.  According to Amy, she has grown a couple of inches and gained a few pounds…and she certainly has no trouble eating!  She also has no trouble wearing cute hats, staring at the camera, or just looking plain adorable, as you can see from this photo taken earlier today.

Photo #1033 – 09.13.11

Happy Birthday, Granny Jo!!

I’m sure Jodie appreciates my calling her ‘Granny’…especially since she has a beautiful granddaughter and is proud to be a grandma!  Today is Jodie’s birthday, and this photo was taken this past weekend as we were out celebrating with her.  Greta is right around the 6-week-old mark, and she’s certainly getting bigger everyday!

Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law, Jodie!  Have a great day, Granny!!

Photo #1021 – 09.01.11

Greta is 1 Month Old!

Today, Greta is a full 1 month old!  She is already a bit bigger and less newborn-looking than in these photos taken a couple weeks ago.  She was definitely a fan of the camera while I was taking photos, though, and she enjoyed showing off just a few of her many cute expressions.

Happy 1 Month, Greta (and Amy & Brian)!!

Photo #991 – 08.02.11

Introducing Greta Jo!!!

Meet Greta Jo!!  Amy and Brian are now the very proud parents of a beautiful baby girl.  Greta was born yesterday (8/1/11) at 6:16pm, weighing 7 pounds, 1 ounce and measuring in at 21 inches.  She is quite healthy (she even scored a 9 on her APGAR score tests!), and mommy Amy is doing great as well.  Both her and daddy Brian were full of joy at the hospital holding their lovely daughter, and we got to hold her for the first time as Aunt Heather and Uncle Jer.  Grandma Jodie was also pretty elated at the sight of her first granddaughter.  We cannot wait to see her again!

So congratulations to Amy and Brian!  Greta is adorable!