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Photo #1567 – 03.01.13

Playing in Foam

What do you do when you’re staying at a place on the beach and a storm rolls in and creates rough surf and tons of foam??  You go and play in the foam, of course!  It was kind of gross wading through this sea foam, but hey, since we couldn’t go in the water or bake in the sun, we might as well have fun with foam.  Amy, Heather and Jodie were definitely getting their lower legs all foamy around the time this photo was taken.


Photo #1519 – 01.12.13

Raise Your Glasses to Tom

Raise Your Glasses to Tom

Raise your glasses (figuratively or literally, whichever you prefer) in remembrance of Tom on his birthday.  I thought this was a great wedding day shot of Tom and Jodie.

Happy Birthday, Tom!  We miss you a whole lot!

Photo #1399 – 09.13.12

Wow!  Happy 50th to My Mother-in-Law, Jodie!

Believe it or not, Jodie is celebrating her 50th birthday today!  This photo was taken this past Mother’s Day as she held her granddaughter Greta, who was busy at the time working on her Popeye smile with someone off to the side.  Who would have guessed that one of these two was born in 1962?!?

So Happy 50th to the greatest mother-in-law!  Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Photo #1338 – 07.14.12

Greta and Grandma Jodie

In just a few short weeks, our niece Greta will be a 1-year-old!  She’s been getting bigger each time we’ve seen her and more and more expressive with her faces, sounds, and hand/arm/leg movements.  Luckily, it’s been a little while since ‘Uncle Jer’ has made her cry!  She was definitely happy when this photo was taken a couple weeks ago as she was sittin’ by Grandma Jodie.  It may have been soon after this photo was taken that she found a cookie with icing and started sucking on it…gotta love sugar!

Photo #1249 – 04.16.12

Arctic Circle at Seaside Heights

Who doesn’t love rides at the Boardwalk??  Down at the Seaside Heights boardwalk, there are all kinds of rides to suit your fancy.  This one was called Arctic Circle, and it was one that went around in a circle at a high rate of speed, first forward and then backward, and all the while encountering quick ups and downs along the track.  Although it is tough to see at first, Jodie and her sister, Sue, are sitting in car #5.  Most of the time, they were pinned against the outer part of the car as they zoomed around, laughing hysterically…I think it is safe to say they had a fun ride!

Photo #1033 – 09.13.11

Happy Birthday, Granny Jo!!

I’m sure Jodie appreciates my calling her ‘Granny’…especially since she has a beautiful granddaughter and is proud to be a grandma!  Today is Jodie’s birthday, and this photo was taken this past weekend as we were out celebrating with her.  Greta is right around the 6-week-old mark, and she’s certainly getting bigger everyday!

Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law, Jodie!  Have a great day, Granny!!

Photo #962 – 07.04.11

Happy Independence Day from the Joaquin Campground Campers!

Happy 4th of July!  Heather and I just got back from an outstanding weekend of camping with family and friends at the Joaquin campground up in New York state.  From huge campfires to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner to riding in the back of a pickup while getting pelted by large raindrops (and so many other things), it was a blast from start to finish.

We all had a great time, and we hope your Independence Day weekend was great as well!