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Photo #1556 – 02.18.13

4am Snowpit

Have you ever woken up at 4am and had a strong desire to put on a ton of warm layers, grab a shovel and scientific equipment, and head out into the Yukon night to dig a snowpit?  I’m guessing not, in which case, I present the above photo to give you an idea of what such a scene would look like.  Since the research I was working on dealt with melting and refreezing snow, we had to do some snowpits in the middle of the night to capture the refreezing part.  We didn’t stray too far from our cabin, but considering we were still pretty far out in the middle of nowhere, it was still pretty cool and slightly eerie at the same time.


Photo #1545 – 02.07.13

Rooms with a View…of a Moat!

If you have never had an opportunity to stay at a hotel that is made to be like an old steamboat, then you are missing out!  The Fulton Steamboat Inn in Lancaster, PA is one such place that offers moat views and definitely has plenty of steamboat theming throughout.  It’s a little odd to come upon a big steamboat in the middle of all the Lancaster farms, but it turns out that Robert Fulton, the main guy behind the development of the steamboat, was born only a few miles from this location.

Photo #1517 – 01.10.13

Bubbles in the Night

Bubbles in the Night

I took this photo of a glowing, bubbling Christmas decoration to capture some of the fun decor in our home…but I think the photo turned out a little eerie and doesn’t exactly exude Christmas cheer.  The reddish-orange glow is a little disturbing, as are the elongated ‘eyes’ on the wall behind the bubbler.

Did anyone ever have these bubbler things on their Christmas trees?  I remember my neighbor had a bunch of them on his tree and I thought they were neat.

Photo #1466 – 11.19.12

Star Streaks and the Milky Way

When we go camping and there is a chance of clear evening skies, I usually try to have my tripod with me so that I can attempt some long-exposure starry exposures.  With dark skies and not a whole lot of nearby light pollution, the night sky above the Joaquin campground in upstate New York is always a great place to capture some starry photos.  This particular photo was taken by pointing the camera nearly straight up and captures a 3-minute exposure of tons of stars with the cloud-like Milky Way serving as a backdrop.  Considering this was just a small portion of the sky, it was amazing just how many stars were lighting up the night!

Photo #1411 – 09.25.12

November Moon-lit Bonfire

There’s nothing like sitting around a blazing bonfire on a chilly November evening with friends, especially with starry skies and a bright moon overhead.  Well, there were clear skies before the clouds rolled in on this particular night, but we didn’t mind at all.

Photo #1374 – 08.19.12

Thin Veil of Clouds Keeps the Stars Out of Sight…Mostly

A raging campfire is great, and being able to step away from the fire and see a clear sky of uncountable stars is pretty great too.  On this particular night of camping up in New York state, clear skies quickly disappeared as some thin clouds moved in for the night.  Even thought this dashed my hopes of any more long exposure star shots for the night, I thought the wispy clouds looked pretty cool in the night sky above the warm campfire.

Photo #1359 – 08.04.12

Sparks and Stars on a Summer Night

I don’t know about you, but I love winding down in front of a roaring fire on a cool summer night.  Enjoying a campfire on a super clear night with countless stars shimmering overhead is even better.

Have you been able to experience a nice campfire this summer yet??  If not, you had better build one soon before the summer disappears!