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Photo #259 – 07.31.09

Kayakin’ Kristin

Just about one year ago, Kristin was out on Bald Hill Pond in northern Vermont, paddling all over in a yellow kayak.  It was a perfect place to just wander around on the ‘pond’ (it was really pretty big!) and not really have too many other people around to bother you…well, except for a certain annoying person on the dock taking your picture…

Photo #258 – 07.30.09

Hannah the Scary Sea Monster

RAARRRRRR!  Listen to Hannah roar as she swims about.  But don’t worry, she can be friendly if you’re nice to her…so just don’t get on her bad side!

Hannah the Friendly Mermaid

Photo #257 – 07.29.09


While out on a little hike in early January, I came upon a long curtain of icicles extending from some large boulders down to the ground.  There were some single icicles, but there were also some made up of a bunch of icicles that formed together.  The photo above was taken at one end of the icicles, and they were located near the really cool Tripod Rock in High Point State Park.

Photo #256 – 07.28.09

Grassy Meadow

After a nice hike along ‘Ye Olde Grassy Road’ last year, I arrived at a cool grassy meadow in the middle of High Point State Park.  With some beautiful blue skies and lush green grasses and shrubs, it served as a great contrast to the shadowed depths of the forest and was a good place to rest for a bit.

Photo #255 – 07.27.09

Big Ship

Cruise ships sure are big!  This ship, Royal Caribbean’s ‘Mariner of the Seas’, is over 1000 feet long, holds over 3000 passengers, and has 14 decks.  Luckily, there is so much stuff going on at any given time that it rarely feels like that many people are on board!

Photo #254 – 07.26.09

Hurricane Gustav!

The good thing about being on a cruise ship in the Caribbean during hurricane season is that if a hurricane is going to hit where you are headed…you just make a slight turn and go somewhere else!  That is what happened to us during our honeymoon, as our ‘western caribbean’ cruise turned into an ‘eastern caribbean’ cruise as Hurricane Gustav churned over the region.  The clouds in the distance were some of the outer rain bands associated with the storm, and at one point, we even spotted a water spout spinning in the distance.

Photo #253 – 07.25.09

Room with a View

If you ever go on a cruise, get a room with a balcony.  Unless you enjoy windowless little caves hidden in the middle of the ship, you’ve got to get a balcony…there are usually other options too, like rooms with just a big window, but that just doesn’t cut it.  It’s great to be able to go out there and view great sunrises/sunsets, stare out into the black of night, and even watch brewing hurricanes!