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Photo #1559 – 02.21.13

A Tangle & a Blue Sky

This tangle of metal was part of an art installation on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few years back, and it was a beautiful blue sky day in the New York City to enjoy the chaotic twists against a brilliant backdrop.

Photo #1475 – 11.28.12

Union Square Holiday Market

If you are ever looking for something to do in New York City on a nice late November/early December day, head on down to the Union Square Holiday Market for a neat selection of vendors selling their wares.  Heather and I went to the market last year and were pretty impressed with the wide selection of offerings.  From handmade crafts to artwork, jewelry to chocolate, there was plenty to check out, and we eventually found a cute handmade gift for our niece Greta.  So if you are in the neighborhood before Christmas, go check it out: http://urbanspacenyc.com/union-square-holiday-market

Photo #1418 – 10.02.12

Yankee Stadium on a Sunny September Day

It’s been a couple years since Heather and I enjoyed a late summer game at the new Yankee Stadium, but we would like to get back soon.  It would be especially nice to catch a game where the Yankees actually win…which is definitely not what they were doing against the Toronto Blue Jays in this photo.

Photo #1358 – 08.03.12

Heather at Purl SoHo

Heather loves all things crafts, and last year during a day trip into New York City, we took a quick side trip to a very cool crafty store in the SoHo section of the city.  Purl SoHo is chock full of colorful yarn, purdy fabric, nifty buttons, and lots of other stuff that can make crafters drool.  So if you happen to be crafty and want to check out a neat store for ideas or inspiration, go check out Purl SoHo sometime!

Photo #1307 – 06.13.12

Farewell to Manhattan

A cruise out of New York City is a great way to see some of the waterfront sites from a somewhat elevated vantage point.  On our way down to the Bahamas on this cruise a few years ago, we had some great weather to catch views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Lower Manhattan.  We also had some nice views as we returned at the end of the trip, but we weren’t nearly as excited about seeing the city again…we definitely would have preferred to see more sandy beaches and tropical waters!

Photo #1228 – 03.26.12

Tiffany at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City contains such a wide array of exhibits, and at times, it is fairly easy to almost overlook some beautiful pieces.  In the large courtyard of the American Wing, for instance, there are many things that could catch your eye, including an area of Tiffany stained glass that includes some large wall panels.  If one didn’t look up, it would be easy to miss a few rather large and decorative Tiffany lamps hanging from above.  Check out a photo on the Met’s website of the impressive Tiffany section of the courtyard by clicking here.

Photo #1186 – 02.13.12

Bryant Park Skating Rink

For ice-skaters in parts of the northeast this winter, it’s been pretty difficult to find reliably frozen ponds or lakes to skate upon.  I cannot remember the last time I did actual ice skating, but a late-November trip into New York City brought Heather and I to Bryant Park, where there is a good-sized rink available for skating.  It was cool watching some of the skaters on the rink in the shadows of some rather large skyscrapers, although we didn’t stick around all that long since a cold drizzle started up that had us looking for cover.

Photo #1151 – 01.09.12

Look Out!!  Alligator!!

No toddlers were injured during the vicious alligator attack captured in the shaky photo above…because there was a thick piece of glass between little Lillian and the big, sharp alligator teeth on the other side.  Oh, and also because the alligator was a life-size model on exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in New York City.

The alligator was nicely detailed, but looked obviously fake in a sharp photo.  However, by doing a blurry long exposure, I think this ‘alligator-about-to-get-a-baby’ moment looks a little more realistic…it’s pretty tough to hold the camera steady during scary moments like this!

Photo #1113 – 12.02.11

REI Store in New York City — Check Out the Glass Railing!!

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) is an outdoor recreation retailer that also operates as a co-op (which basically means the company is owned by its members).  Yesterday, I was able to attend a community reception to celebrate the opening of their first New York City store, located within the historic Puck Building in the SoHo area.  I was there as a representative of the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, and if you look closely at the above photo of the store’s interior, you might notice a Trail Conference trail map integrated into the glass panels of the railing.  This map, showing the Four Birds Trail, is one of 7 that I provided to REI to use on these glass railings surrounding the 3-story staircase in the center of the store.  The store itself is an awesome space full of historical relics from the building, but in my obviously biased opinion, these map graphics that educate customers about outstanding trails in the region are definitely the coolest part of the store!

To see what this section of trail looks like on the published map, check out this previous daily photograph {photo #895}.  If you rotate the left-most glass panel 90-degrees counterclockwise, it’ll match up with the linked image above the label ‘BIRDS’.

The store’s grand opening celebration is going on all this weekend, so stop in if you are in the neighborhood (or take a special trip if you’re not doing anything…they have some nice giveaways!): www.rei.com/soho (click for details)

Photo #1103 – 11.22.11

Ellis Island – Gateway to America

From Annie Moore, an Irish girl who arrived in the United States in 1892, to a Norwegian by the name of Arne Peterssen who arrived in 1954, millions of immigrants passed through Ellis Island to begin their lives anew in America.  In fact, it is estimated that 12 million immigrants passed through this building (or an earlier form of it) between the first and last people noted above.  The island now hosts a museum managed by the National Park Service, and while I haven’t yet visited, I did get a chance to view the island as we passed by on our cruise ship heading out of New York Harbor.

Photo #1088 – 11.07.11

Grooming Time for Two Javan Langur Monkeys

Javan Langur monkeys are native to some islands of Indonesia just north of Australia…although these two were hanging out at the Bronx Zoo, a mere 10,000 miles from those islands.  These two juveniles (adults are black in color) are passing the time by doing a little grooming.  It looks like the groomer is pretty focused on the back of the groomee(?)…hopefully he found something good!

Photo #1084 – 11.03.11

Walking Through a Maelstrom

This massive stainless steel structure, called Maelstrom, was located on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art when we visited the museum back in 2009.  Heather, Shelby, and Elysia are walking right through the heart of the structure in the photo above…and actually, it reminds me of intricate veins around the heart in some ways.  It also reminds me of a familiar scene throughout northern New Jersey (and surrounding areas) of trees and branches down in yards and along the roads following the recent October snowstorm…except most of the fallen limbs are full of colorful autumn leaves and not bare like the art above!

Photo #1002 – 08.13.11

Kurtis, the Brooklyn Flea, and Jean Shorts Dude…

The Brooklyn Flea is an awesome flea market full of antiques, artsy stuff, clothing, delicious food, and much, much more.  It’s a great place to spend a nice afternoon, and that’s just what we did last year.  Heather’s cousin Kurtis and his girlfriend Nicole joined Heather, Elysia and I in Brooklyn, and in addition to all the great stuff at the market, we enjoyed a fair amount of people watching as well.  So when we spotted a guy sporting some tight and short jean shorts (along with blue argyle-like socks and plenty of leg), Kurtis wanted his picture taken with him…he’s in the background on the right side of the photo above if you couldn’t spot him.

Today is Kurtis’ birthday, and it is also Heather’s cousin Ronnie’s birthday, so Happy Double Cousin Birthday to Kurtis and Ronnie!!

Photo #994 – 08.05.11

Heather Meets The Man in Black

Johnny Cash had one of those distinctive voices that makes it easy recall some of his great songs.  He happened to be at a museum in New York City, so Heather took the opportunity to pull up a stool next to him and get her picture with him.  He didn’t really smile…or move at all…and he looked a bit shiny, but otherwise, he seemed like a nice guy.

Photo #952 – 06.24.11

Mister Softee from 49 Floors Up

It’s not too hard to miss the Mister Softee trucks traveling through New York City, carting their yummy chilled delights.  They’re even easy to spot from 49 stories up!  Aside from not being able to actually get any ice cream, the worst part about seeing one from this high is that you cannot listen to the glorious Mister Softee song!

“The creamiest, dreamiest soft ice cream, you get from Mister Softee…do do do do do do dooo do doooo…..”

Photo #884 – 04.17.11

John and the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is an impressive skyscraper, whether you stare up at it during the day or at night lit up in any of a variety of lighting configurations.  In the photo above, John is next to the standard white lighting of the building, and is almost as tall!  In actuality, he was on the 49th floor of a nearby building (in comparison with the 102-story Empire State Building), enjoying a great party in New York City put together by our friend, Christian.

Photo #806 – 01.29.11

Burgers & Cupcakes!

When you think of great food combinations, burgers and cupcakes likely aren’t high on the list…or on the list at all.  But believe it or not, they make quite a tasty duo!  This particular “burgers & cupcakes” was located on 9th Ave in New York City, and the cheeseburger and follow-up cupcake were delicious.

I’m a bit hungry now just thinking about the display of different flavored cupcakes…

Photo #779 – 01.02.10

Statue of Liberty and Shipping Cranes in Bayonne

This side view of the Statue of Liberty was taken on our cruise ship a couple years ago while we were heading out of New York harbor.  It not only captures Lady Liberty and the crowds of people visiting this national monument, but also a group of large cranes in nearby Bayonne, NJ that operate in the busy shipyards.  A few years back, the ports in this area reportedly saw more than $130 billion worth of cargo pass through, and the bulk of shipping for New York City is actually conducted on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River.

The Statue of Liberty is still a bit taller than the cranes, but I thought they looked pretty neat in the background with their massive crane arms extended just like Lady Liberty’s outstretched arm.

Photo #733 – 11.17.10

Green, Green Grass

This is some good looking grass, complete with a fun criss-crossing pattern.  And it is certainly very green.  This particular patch of grass is from the center of the outfield in the new Yankee Stadium {photo #665}.  I’m sure quite a lot of work goes into keeping this grass so green throughout the season!

Photo #717 – 11.01.10

Big Blue Swirly Rock

Isn’t this a pretty rock??  Some of the blue hues are quite brilliant, and although I forget what minerals are in this particular specimen, I think it looks neat.  This was also fairly large…as in a couple feet across!

The minerals section of the American Museum of Natural History sure is cool!

Photo #704 – 10.19.10

Petrified Tree Stump

This is quite a cool rock!  Located in the minerals section of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, this specimen is an excellent example of a petrified tree stump.  It is a bit more than a foot across in diameter, and much of the original structure (including lots of tree rings!) has been retained.

Wood becomes petrified through a process called permineralization – first, the wood becomes buried and, due to the lack of oxygen, does not decompose…then water with traces of various minerals trickles through the sediment and leaves minerals like quartz in the plant structure.  Pure quartz is colorless, but small amounts of other minerals can create some crazy colors, including the reddish-orange hues in this stump that resulted from the addition of iron oxides.

Photo #702 – 10.17.10

Quart Glass Jars

Back in early September, we took a trip to the Brooklyn Flea on a gorgeous Saturday.  The Brooklyn Flea is an awesome flea market with a great mix of collectibles, antiques, artwork, clothing, jewelry, top-notch food, and a lot more.  There was even a vendor selling cool maps!  This Ball jar photo was taken in a spot with a bunch of antiques and old collectibles, and I thought the neat rows of glass jars looked rather cool.

Photo #697 – 10.12.10

The Great Hall at the Met

The Great Hall in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is quite majestic and a great first impression for the more than 5 million annual visitors (well, not everyone enters from 5th Ave. here…but I’d say a pretty large majority do!).  From its domed ceiling and immense archways to its marble flooring and colorful flower arrangements (which are interestingly refreshed every week), the hall offers a fitting introduction to a pretty cool museum.

This photo was taken from the balcony above the Great Hall and helps to show both the beautiful architecture as well as an entrance full of art enthusiasts rushing to see their favorite Monet or Manet.

Jack Handey’s Deep Thought of the Day: When this girl at the museum asked me whom I liked better, Monet or Manet, I said, “I like mayonnaise.”  She just stared at me, so I said it again, louder.  Then she left.  I guess she went to try to find some mayonnaise for me.

Photo #665 – 09.10.10

Heather and the New Yankee Stadium

This past weekend, I took Heather to a Yankees game at the new Yankee Stadium.  This was actually my first time at a Yankees game (I saw a Mets game about 15 years ago), and it was Heather’s first time at the new stadium.  While the team didn’t play all that great (they ended up losing and snapping an 8-game winning streak…), we were able to walk all around the stadium and check out a lot of the sights.